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  1. Even or Odd
  2. Prime Number
  3. Palindrome
  4. Sum of Digit
  5. Armstrong
  6. Sum of all the elements in an Array
  7. Find the Highest And Smallest Element in an Array
  8. Print the Below Format 1
  9. Print the Below Format 2
  10. Remove Duplicates from Unsorted Array
  11. Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array
  12. Find Occurrences of Each Character in a String
  13. Remove all numeric character from String
  14. Matix Addition
  15. Matrix Multiplication
  16. Count Number of Vowels and Consonants in a given String
  17. Swap 2 Numbers without using third Variable
  18. Find all Prime number till a Given Number
  19. Find Fibonacci series till N
  20. Is String a substring
  21. Rotate an Array
  22. Print Full pyramid of Number
  23. Print Inverted Pyramid
  24. Print Pascal's Triangle
  25. Print Floyd's Triangle
  26. Leap Year Birthday
  27. Sum of Natural Number using recursion
  28. Factorial of a Number using Recursion
  29. HCF of 2 Numbers using recursion
  30. Speak the Currency
  31. Print Initials of Name with Surname
  32. WAP to swap First Name and Last Name of a user.
  33. Happy Number
  34. Special 2-digit Number
  35. Magic Number
  36. Return a string with every third letter of every word in caps
  37. Transpose of the matrix
  38. Write a program to check that the provided string has all unique characters
  39. Write a program to remove any given character from a String. Display updated string.
  40. Permutations of a string
  41. Add one to a number
  42. Compare the triplets
  43. Spiral Matrix
  44. ZigZag Pattern
  45. Reverse an Integer
  46. Leaders in an array
  47. Sliding window
  48. Subsets of Integers
  49. Low or High Index
  50. Write a program to find the missing number in a given integer array.
  51. Write a program to find the duplicate number on a given integer array and display the distinct/unique array(duplicates items removed from a given array)
  52. Write a program to find the largest and smallest number in an unsorted integer array.
  53. Write a program to find all pairs of an integer array whose sum is equal to a given number.
  54. Write a program to print duplicate characters from a string.
  55. Write a program to check if two strings are anagrams of each other.
  56. Write a program to check if a string contains only digits.
  57. Write a program to count a number of vowels and consonants in a given string.
  58. Write a program to find all permutations of a string.
  59. Write a program to convert a given number of Days in terms of Years, Weeks & Days
  60. Check if list is strictly increasing
  61. Odd or even sum of digit
  62. Print the highest occurrences item as output. If there is no clear winner, print “NOTA”
  63. Number of days between two dates
  64. Kth largest element in an array
  65. WAP to change UpperCase to LowerCase and Lowercase to Uppercase of all the characters in the String without using Built In methods
  66. String concatenation
  67. WAP to find the duplicate characters in a string
  68. Set Operations: please check the details below in the description and WAP
  69. Alphabetic patterns:Given a positive integer 'n' less than or equal to 26, you are required to print the below pattern   
  70. Generalised Chocolate: Please see details below & WAP
  71. Increasing or decreasing array
  72. Sort an array of strings
  73. Product of all sub arrays
  74. Find a pair
  75. Find the only 1 non-repeating number
  76. Ugly Number
  77. Consecutive permutations of a number
  78. WAP to Display Factors of a Number
  79. WAP to make simple Calculator
  80. WAP to find factorial of a number
  81. WAP to check whether a number is Palindrome or not
  82. Prime Numbers
  83. Java Virtual Machine
  84. Steps to download Chrome in Ubuntu through terminal:
  85. Common Unix commands everyone must know
  86. KEYS in SQL
  87. Perfect Square Number
  88. Selling Pen with exact Change
  89. Find largest sum of contiguous subarray within a given array of integers.
  90. Arrange all 0s on right side and 1s on left side given an array of 0s and 1s
  91. Find and print all unique elements of a given array of integers.
  92. Find the second lowest and highest numbers in a given array.
  93. SQL Joins Interview Questions Part 2

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