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Core Java

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Core Java Fundamentals

Core Java

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Core Java Fundamentals


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Suraj Ghimire

  1. 10 Years of IT experience
  2. Working in  BigData since last 7.5 Years
  3. Training bigdata since 2014
  4. Good Numbers of 5 star review on facebook
  5. 70% average hike from all students who are placed.


( 4.9 out of 5 ) Based on the opinion of 80 people
Umesh Ramu

Trainer is very informative and the training is aligned to the latest industry standards. Anyone who wants to start with beginner/intermediate and advance to the expert level and beyond can take this. I strongly recommend OLC.

Jaivik Shah

Spark and Scala course is really Helpful to me. Main thing is trainer (Suraj) is working in Well product based Company which sharing his complex problem to us as a assignment which really helps to increase the knowledge. Moreover, he is tightly bound with timeframe, so sometimes it feels wired/annoy but at the end we will get good result. thanks Suraj. Also, this course is not just for certification purpose nut it helps to get job opportunity in near future, help to resolve any complex task etc. i would recommend to do course, its worth it

Alok Yadav

I really liked the trainer’s approach ,Very supportive and relaxing in nature. His technological skills are very helpful for all, Most importantly his strong technical skills kept me motivated through out the course and most understandable approach in terms of learning. His flawless approach boosted my confidence. His way of a adaptability and ability to assess trainee was very impressive and advance research skills made my training the best, this is the one and only trainer recommended by me for Big Data technology . A relaxing and empowering course – very encouraging with a lot of practical work

Shazia Irfan Bebal

Hello Everyone, I took Advanced Big data course from Online Learning Center (OLC). After attending demo session on Big data ,it actually change my mind as it has covered each and every topic related to the subject. Then I contacted Suraj and he suggested me to take advanced Big data course. The course has so much depth that you don't need any other reference material. Moreover all the assignments, contents are real time based and really helpful for cracking interviews. He is very dedicated person, have in-depth knowledge in the subject and he used to explain each and every concepts in very detailed manner. By attending this course, I hope it will give me an opportunity to work in Big data technology in some reputed company. I would like to thank Mr. Suraj for sharing his knowledge with us. So if you are looking for your career in Big data this is the right place for you !

Chaitra Kr

Hi Everyone, I have joined Advanced Bigdata classes in Online Learning Centre.Initially i was stuck which one to take either fundamentals or advanced as i was already attended bigdata fundamentals in some other institute where i didnt learn not even a single topic clearly. Before joining here i enquired lot of institutes and attened demo also but when i was goingthrough onebigdata class from suraj in udemy at that i visited his OLC site and started attending his demo ,after that immediately i joined his classe.Cost is worthy. Then i contacted Suraj and he suggested me to take advanced bigdata.Ansd he also gave me confidence that i can catch all the topics even though the course has already been started 2 months back.With that hope i joined and i was really able to understand all his classes. I bet you guys you dont get this kind of trainer anywhere in india and iam not bluffing. To be frank his way of explaining each and every topic theoritically and practically are awesome.After attending his demo everyone will join his classes as i did thats the powe of his teaching.Finally i came to right place and rite now still taking the classes i hope i will get good opportunity as well. Thank you so much suraj for your efforts.Wish you all the best.

Dharma Patro

I am sharing my scala and spark training experience.He is a very good trainer. He has Very good command over Hadoop, spark, scala. The content and the real time explanation are really useful of this course.Moreover the all the assignments and content are real time based and really helpfull for cracking interviews Based on my personal experience I suggest everyone to go though his course; that will add another star to their career. Thanks a lot Suraz and thanks a lot to all the mates who was helping me in the sessions on asking complex questions sometimes weird.

Ramesh Kumar

I took Advanced Big data course from Suraj in OLC. If you blindly follow the sessions and get the assignments done then definitely you get a job. The course has so much depth that you don't need any other reference material. There is more than 50 hours of session freely available in his website. If you take those courses then you get idea what I am talking about. Another thing is if you go behind any popular "branded" online learning website. Just ask this question "Is this course enough to land in new job" They have tons of courses and you don't know what are the courses you have to take to get the thorough knowledge of the subject. But with Suraj it just one course "Advance Bigdata" which covers spark, scala, kafka, elasticsearch in great details you no need to take another course. Highly recommended!!!!

Vikesh Sharma

I spent almost 2-3 months to filter out which portal will be better for me to get enrolled for Big data course. Had gone through various learning centres and looked their course contents (Syllabus) but was not satisfied as they all were segregating chapters by sub-topic. One day I was roaming over Quora and found somebody naming suraz has given his course details and was offering first to go through his free 80-hours course videos broadcasted on You tube and his portal as well. if we get satisfied then and only we join him. I genuinely found this a good deal; so did the same and found that the free contents were even more than the contents some learning portals or institutions were giving adding on Price was even cheaper than them. Believe me even before finishing those 80-hours free videos I decided to enrolled his channel just because the way he teaches and the course materials.; but Suraz denied. He suggested me to finish those videos completely then come to him. After few days I requested him a call so that I can discuss something. we had an hour of discussion about my technical background and my future planning in terms of jobs n all. I started learning Big data and its been 5 months (as per my requirements) altogether to finish the course. when I was about to finish the course I update my naukri profile just to check if I am getting offers or not. Outcome was surprising; I am getting 3-4 calls per week and their requirement was mostly what I was taught in the sessions. The most important thing about this course is :ASSIGNMENTS. You won't get rid of that; if you skip you will regret. yeah of course it will take time to finish those assignments if you are not an experienced one; all you need to do is keep patience and do your homework. Based on my personal experience I suggest everyone to go though his course; that will add another star to their career. Thanks a lot Suraz and thanks a lot to all the mates who was helping me in the sessions on asking complex questions sometimes weird :P .Thank you very much Suraj for all your support. :) :like:

Vijay Raghavendra

He is a v.good trainer. He has V.good command over Hadoop, spark, scala, streaming etc. One good quality abt him is he is always available to read ppl's queries and listen to them.

Shailendra Singh Thakur

I had taken spark Scala course. It was really wonderful experience of learning I had spent money other then this with 2 other learning center one of them was Jigsaw academy but the things what was taught there was not of use because they just cover lot of topics and no quality content. But when i interact with, Suraj he asked me to go through his free you tube playlist before going for paid course, those free playlist contains very good content everything in depth and in proper sequence . After going through those i cannot resist myself from getting enrolled for the course. The course is fully interactive you will be occupied completely every week with one or other assignments which is really good because I had not done programming since I left the collage but after 4 years i am feeling confident to write program with Spark on Scala. The best thing about Suraj I personally think is commitment for giving training, how much he was occupied he never postponed class and never drag the course fast to get it completed every thing was covered well and in depth. Thanks Suraj for your help.

Raj Kumar

I recommend the Online Learning Center (Suraj) as I never saw this kind of teaching in my 15 years of exp.

Lakshmi Tunu

I would like to say, this is the best training center I have never experienced before. Below are the pros and cons Pros: ----- 1. Suraz is wonderful trainer having real time experience. 2. No training institute never ever spends 3 months of training for spark and scala. 3. Course material is so unique that you will never find any where. 4. Trainer will read each line and explain with an example. 5. Many assignments were given and also many followups with the people for the completion then sit with people for review. 6. Real time projects. 7. you will be motivated through out the course 8. After doing this course, able to solve 90% of problems and again those 10% will come by real time experience. cons: ----- 1. Videos are not forever and those are time bound. In my opinion, videos should be shared with their email embedded so that you it can protect piracy to some extent. Rating: *****

Balaji Jayakodi

I have taken Spark-Scala course and I must say, it has a very well planned and comprehensive course material. The mentor Suraj has a very good grasp on the subjects and explains every concept in detail. Every topic has some assignments in order to make you confident about the learning and here mentor follows up to ensure the assignments are getting completed. Your such an amazing trainer, and the way you explain concept is Crystal & Clear. So finally I would recommend if you want be an expert in hadoop, scala and spark developer take the course from OLC. *****

Francis Shijo

After much thinking I decided to shift my career towards Bigdata . I came across online learning center and approached them for Hadoop Course, they requested me to complete the demo videos in youtube . After watching the demo videos I was satisfied and decided to proceed with the main course Once completed I decided to proceed with the Scala/Spark/Elastic Search/Kafka Course. Trainer Suraj have indepth knowledge on bigdata technologies the way he teaches the concepts and assignments on each topic helps to think and understand the concepts much better . The materials provided by them are very clear and easy to understand . The project part is really challenging which makes you think harder and gives a real time feeling. Overall I am really satisfied with the course and confident . Thank you Suraj for this Wonderful Course!!

Amit Kumar

i watched video in youtube shared by suraj,which made me questions multiple in my mind as those was in proper way and deeply from starting but inside came multiple questions this is online course how this will be till end and will this be helpful etc . any how if want to learn then have to start from somewhere and finally joined this advance Spark and Scala course. day by day this course was interesting no doubt this course is well structured and detailed as the real time example ,assignment ,project and each doubt of any topic cleared from basic to deeply with example, along with the course motivation given by suraj that made me to put more effort in learning.I will strongly recommend who want to learn this is right place.

Sunil Dangwal

Online training for mastering Scala/Spark was really awesome ....Suraj will ensure that students concepts are clear & then take forward in-depth of module & also ensure, it is understood by student properly before he proceed to next module.i liked his passion of teaching & giving 100% effort .In return student also trying to complete & submit assignment as acknowledgement ...good platform /institute to learn ( quality) & better then any other institute who would like to take their career forward in mastering Scala Notes :5/5 Training :5/5 Project assignment 5/5 Clearing doubt :5/5

Omkar Manav

I got acquainted to online learning center by my friend about live demo sessions on big data hadoop mean while i was doing course from private institute side by side which was almost getting finished I attended suraz classes and found huge difference in the coverage and comprehension he provided in lectures.The course which institute covered in 30 hours suraz in contrast gave a in-depth detailed coverage and it was like unfolding mysterious maze. I am not exaggerating the facts trust me each lecture was intensive pack of fundamental which cleared path to build upon advance architect of hadoop and other allied apache projects. I should not miss to mention many institutes do not cover map reduce extensively which is the core of hadoop learning but suraz has dedicated exhaustive material on map reduce and advance map reduce. This further gave me a boost to join advance big data program. The spark and scala program exceeded expectation each chapter was designed analytically just like a cookbook recipe where in you plug in each command and build your own recipe just like pro chef same goes to kafka and elastic search. His assignments would give you hands on and capstan projects will build confidence on subtopics after completing the course you would be confident enough to crack interviews like pro but there is a condition to it. you should consistently follow his lectures notes and grill over it and not skip any assignments if you could get through that then you would get yourself landed in big data job smoothly. If you have come so far reading then i recommend you to like his page subscribe to olc and enroll to his program without any hesitation.

Senthil Nathan Sundar

I have taken Scala, Spark course and found it very useful. I am now able to quickly convert the requirements into spark or scala code.This course is very detailed one and only expectation is:- one to have self dedication.... and rest all is taken care by instructor Suraj. I am looking forward to excel in spark, scala big data technology with more than 100% confidence.

Divya Rohilla

hi I liked the course content of online learning center and the way of teaching of the trainer(mr. suraz) is good and easy to understand.we learnt spark,scala,kafka and elastic search.I got to know about this advanced big data course after attending free hadoop demo sessions by suraz.Also the realtime project on spark scala is good and useful for future job oppurtunities.

Bharath Jujjuvarapu

Initially i learnt spark and scala from some XXXXXX online institute..i felt confident and started giving interviews after facing interviews what i feel is that institute just explained me the basic requirements and not more than that and i feel that iam not yet ready for the race ...Later i have gone through many demo videos...later i came up with suraj’s online learning centre..initially i thought as am i repeating same wrong step or not interms of spending money, so firstly i have gone though his 65hrs of free videos...I felt worthful and went ahead for it...After the end of the spark, scala course iam at the level that i came up answering myself all the intervws questions which i face earlier with confidence level of 90% Cons : When compared with scala teaching KAFKA teaching went fast. If it is overcomed then ill give 5/5 My final rating is 4.4/5 Suraj Torch bearer for my career Project part is beyond our imagination and no one gives this type of project where it will have all the challenges, overcomes we do what not everything. Fully satisfied with the project

Prakash Smart

I recommend this training to all freshers and exp. Suraj explains in such a way that, we experience real/practical way of working in an organisation. Even a person with no-experience will understand the sessions, really a great help for career-growth.His training content is diversified as per industry demands. Suraj is having excellent knowledge and patience to explain topics in understandable way, He makes sure classes are of more interactive and it never gets bored.

Kunal Chauhan

Course 2: Advance Big Data (Spark, Scala, Kafka, Elastic Search) As a data engineer one should be able to process huge data and provide desired result... I am glad to know that I am having that ability to filter out one of the best learning portal (Online Learning Center - OLC) out of lots of institutions. Suraj is a leader, because leader always pushes others to go for an extra mile and that exactly what Suraj does with his students. He has tremendous knowledge of big data related technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Hive, Kafka and this list goes on..... As I mentioned in my earlier review that you not only learn technology but you learn best practices, problem solving approach and a lot of other things during the course from OLC. Suraj is very passionate about teaching. He possess good fundamental knowledge and provides his students with the same along with quality study material and many real time assignments. I strongly recommend courses offered by OLC. Thanks OLC & Suraj for all your support in my journey as a Data Engineer. ******************************************* Course 1: Big Data Hadoop I took Big Data - Hadoop training from Online Learning Center. It was really an informative training course. Suraj (Course Instructor) has tremendous knowledge in the field of Big Data. Course content is really rich. It covers most of the things related to Hadoop. The best part about entire course is, you not only learn hadoop but also learn important Java concepts, Industry best practices, Current market trend and many more. Online learning center provides good support to resolve queries and doubts related to the course. Below is a rating based on my personal experience with Online Learning Center: Course content - 4.5/5 Depth knowledge of Subject - 5/5 Support from Online Learning Center - 5/5 Course related material - 5/5 So, I feel hadoop training from Online Learning Center is really value for money. I am looking forward for learning more advance topics from Online Learning Center.

Ram Siva

6 years into my IT career.. despite the experience I never felt confident about the work I do.. There was always an uncertainty and confusion about my professional career. Through surfing came to know Big Data is going to be next Big Thing in IT and decided to pursue that. Approached many institutions in my place and joined for beginner's Big Data course where they taught about how to setup a cluster and basic sql queries..But nothing about core Big Data logics or no programming explanation.. When asked on programming queries their reply "This course requires basic Java knowledge and we cant teach that here!!" I felt disappointed and enrolled myself to many social forums on Big Data . In one such forum i saw message from Suraz, that he gives 30 odd hours of Hadoop free training. I checked that out and his way was unique. I started following him from there on and joined his advanced Big Data Spark Scala programme. Suraz knows where and why major people struggle in programming and what all is needed to make oneself confident to pull it off. Based on that he designed his course curriculum and ensures that you take back as much knowledge and experience on the subject with you. Even in class he encourages every student to ask as many silly doubts and never gets bored explaining us time and time again. His Scala Spark programme was roughly for 3.5 months with many hands on from his end and more assignment he gave for our hands on.. Also he quotes real time examples that make you relate to the topic so deeply. So guys to make the best out of the training all you have to do is follow whatever he says from a to z on the time he gives. He is not only a tutor but also takes the role of a friend and hear you out if you have any issues and motivates you in such a way to get you right back on track to meet your goals If you follow him, you will see yourself transformed into a different, positive, confident person at the end of the course because Suraz has clear vision in what he wants to do and I believe his motto would be "We can grow together" :) Thank you Suraz! :)

Ravi Teja Pallapolu

I decided to shift my carrer to Bigdata as data is becoming the new oil day by day which causes revenue geneartion then i visited so many websites and blogs for 9-10 months no single website captivated me with the content,but one day i found suraj contact in quora and called him. He suggested me to watch his 20 videos in youtube channel and advised me if i was not interested don't join. After watching his videos i really came to know the importance of bigdata and fell in love with his way of teaching.Currently i have been doing my training on Hadoop Bigdata. Simply it's superb course. One can get real time job experience feel if we solve his assignments. No one can provide the assignments like him. Moreover if we listen to his videos no interview preparation is needed, because he explains in manner which is unforgettable. No doubt, his way of explaining the scenarios is very realistic and elaborate with real time examples. Finally I could say one can become expert in Hadoop Bigdata(with handon) if we trained in provided by suraj.

Poornima Kaipa

Hi all, I recommend OnlineLearningCenter for all Bigdata learners to follow Suraz’s instructions and gain the knowledge from his extraordinary videos, exercises and the material provided. Suraz has excellent technical knowledge of bigdata ecosystem and he is extremely dedicated and skillful. Each and every topic he will teach very keen. He explains the concepts deeply with many real time examples. I have not seen any other Hadoop training center which is teaching like this and which is taking care of students like this even after the course is completed. Suraz answers students questions very patiently and motivates them to do their best.


Core Java Fundamentals