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Currently we offer 3 courses. Click on them to know more about it.
1. Big Data Fundamentals   60 Hours - Free course        (2 Months)
2. Big Data                      115 Hours- INR 22500 + GST (5 Months)
3. Advance Big Data         115 Hours- INR 30000 + GST (5 Months)
Our Free training program contains Fundamental concept which is needed to build your concept very strong.
Our Paid training program goes extra miles, teaching you all the advanced concepts along with many exercises, examples all realtime which can help you crack job in good Product based Companies.
Free Program contains 60 Hours where as Paid training program is altogether 230+ Hours.

Glad to say, we are the only website offering you 60 Hours of Free training to help you try us, before you buy. So we are sure that you would love our content.

All our Paid learners will have below benefits
1. Solving problems and handson in mandatory here.
2. The course will also cover almost all the important questions asked in the interview from our Interview Section
3. You will have access to Java and Hadoop certification exam dumps. The exams might be old but concepts are concepts.
4. After course support. Many of our learners who were newbie once upon a time, have now 2-3 years of bigdata experience and still connected to us.
5. Job Support directly in our group. We can refer you directly whenever there is opening in any of the company that our students are currently working in.
6. Indepth training program so that you can answer all the inteview questions quiet easily. We have seen a lot of student struggling to answer most of the basic questions but we are helpless as they dont prefer to learn it and want to keep trying without preparing better.
December live batch contains Java,hadoop,Mapreduce,Hive,Sqoop,HBase,Oozie,Projects,Java tools
It cost INR 22500 +GST and will go for live 4 months of training program. We have 1 standard pricing.

You can enroll for the course by just paying INR 500 and try our 32 Hours of Java self paced training program which is not available in youtube.
Once we start live session you can attend the first 10 hours of session as a Demo.

In case you didnot like our content even after completing 42 Hours of Program, Your INR 500 is refunded back with no question asked.

In case you want to continue, you will pay remaining fees in 3 EMI.

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I have been working in IT since 2010 and worked on bigdata development for more than 7.5 years. My profiles are active in linked in and
I keep getting requirements from various companies, recruiters that are looking for smart Data Engineers.

Since our course is full fledge and we cover every topic in detail, Our students finds it easy to crack most of the interviews.

All learners who are completing their course along with assignments,hackathon will be referred to various companies that comes to us.

However, we cannot help you placed just because you have taken course from us. You will have to study really well.
First thing, 
We want you to start our free 60 hours of course that will help you to understand how we teach you step by step.
Once you build your foundation better. You will get confidence that yes, you can easy make your career in it.

We want you to join us, when you get confidence that OLC is the best platform for Data Engineering. 
With Intense practice and lot of training, I am sure you will be able to change your career ahead.

Bigdata is really a demanding technology and you cannot master it in just 30-40 Hours as promised by most of the training platforms.
Dont pay for just learning the fundamentals, which might not be sufficient to work in the Production level environment.

We have many students who have successfully changed their domain from non programming background to Big Data Developer.

Here are some of our success stories.
Yes. For every course you complete, You will be given a course completion certificate.

But Let me ask you one thing.
What are you doing to do with that certificate?
Put them in the linkedin to show your achievement?

Certificates can be helpful only to freshers who wants to showcase that they have done some  training.

However when it comes to experienced professional, you need to show your work.
Nobody hires you if you say. I have 10 years of experience in BLA BLA BLA technology but I have learned Bigdata. Give me CHANCE.

We dont even recommend you to show your certificate and say I have 3 years of working experience in Bigdata and here is my certificate from OLC.
Why do you want to trouble your next Job?
Salary always depends on Few Factors

1. Company where you are interviewed.
2. Your total years of Experience
3. Your last drawn salary.
4. Your Interviewer rating and feedback
5. Your negotiation skills.

However, I always believe to balance the equation
Salary= 3*Y, where Y= total years of Experience.

With a good quality training, You can definately show case your talent in the interview and create a good impression of "Must Hire Candidate" rather than just getting feedback like "Ok Ok"
This is my Favourite Question.
My Answer is Simplicity.

Instead of creating a lot of options, we thought to go with only 1.
Almost every one has a facebook account.
Facebook uses OAuth authentication mechanism which means It doesnot gives any credentials to OLC. When you are login, you are actually taken to facebook service for authentication and OLC just gets the Signal that the user is verified.

OLC does not post on your wall while you are sleeping and let all your Boss know that you are upgrading your skills. So be relaxed and use FB service happily.

In case you dont have FB account, Please create one.
Hadoop ecosystem component are built in Java.
Ever thought why it was not built in Python?
If python looks simple and easy to you, wont it also be simple for framework developer.
Nothing beats the robustness of Java and yes that's the reason great products are still written in JVM based language.
Learning Java will be better for Data Engineer.

People come up with silly reason. Java is old and python is new.
But do you know Python is  older than Java
As long as you are confident that you can easily manage your Hadoop knowledge, You can directly learn Spark and scala and take it forward.
The interview Questions are accessible only to the contributors.
All you need to do is upload your last 3 companies interviews that you attended in last 3 months and you will become the life time member of interview questions getting access to all the interview questions contributed so far.

Click here to know more about it.
Many training center has its own course and syllabus.
Dont get excited where you see Education companies marketing "Become Big-data Developer in 30 hours".
If, it would have been so easy and short, then every body would have done it.

In case you dont have programming background, You need to learn step by step.
It will take at least 8-10 months for working professional and 4-5 months for students to get enough knowledge to become a big-data developer.

At OLC, we understand your profile first and then recommend you the approach you should learn, so that you can become industry ready in minimum time frame.
But Let's respect the technology. Nothing comes easy.
Every one has their own way of teaching.
While some courses are extremely short and last few hours and cost you under 700 INR,
Few courses are 30-40 hours and cost you around 20-25k INR.
Few courses are 10-12 months program under reputed Brands and cost you anywhere between 1,50,000 to 8,00,000 INR.

OLC believe in bringing right quality with genuine pricing.
You can not become expert by just doing a course that last for few hours, and some courses are out of budget just because of brand name.

OLC has done both the work for you.Bring the quality with reasonable price.