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Below are some of our students placed successfully after training.
We do not disclose their Information publicly to maintain their Privacy

Previous Skill : Java Developer
Current skill : BigData Developer
Previous Package : 10 LPA
Current Package : 21 LPA

 An Associate with 4 Years of Java Development experience, joined our DE2 Program. He worked very hard for the next 4 months and was able to land multiple job Offers with 21 LPA being the highest one.  
Previous Skill : Data Engineer
Current skill : Data Engineer
Previous Package : 6.5 LPA
Current Package : 17.5 LPA

 He was already working as a Data Engineering but was more into SQL style Data Engineering. He joined our DE2 Program to boost his Package and after the training, He was able to crack 7 Job Offers Amazing Pay Package.  
Previous Skill : QA Engineer
Current skill : Data Engineer
Previous Package : 12.2 LPA
Current Package : 23.5 LPA

 After Working on Testing for almost 8 Years, People feel it is extremely hard to make a career in the new latest technology. Well, It is always challenging. One has to be very dedicated and passionate. One of our Students had a similar story. But He took action and rest is the History.  
Previous Skill : SQL Developer
Current skill : Data Engineer
Previous Package : 20 LPA
Current Package : 30 LPA

 Being questioned at work, He was finding it hard to survive there. He took our DE2 Program and waited for sometime till we finish the course. He immediately resigned with no offer in hand. But was able to land up with a job of 30 LPA before the Notice Period.  
Previous Skill : Support
Current skill : Data Engineer
Previous Package : 2.4 LPA
Current Package : 14.5 LPA

 An associate who used to work at Customer support with 20k per month was ambitious. She enrolled in our DE-2 Program after taking up our free DE fundamentals and was able to crack a job of 6.5 LPA. She had to leave her job due to office Politics and in the next 2 months she crack 6 Job offer with 14.5 LPA being highest