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Apna - Architect / Data Engineer 2022-02-03 21:43:36 noemailidgiven@123 1050

🗣🗣 Apna is hiring !

 👉Job Role - Architect / Data Engineer

 👉location - Bengaluru

-Experience in designing, developing and operating configurable Data pipelines serving high volume and velocity data.

-Experience working with public clouds like GCP/AWS/Azure.

-Good understanding of software engineering, DataOps, and data architecture, Agile and DevOps methodologies.

-Experience building Data architectures that optimize performance and cost, whether the components are prepackaged or homegrown

-Proficient with SQL,Python or JVM based language, Bash.

-Experience with any of Apache open source projects such as Spark, Druid, Beam, Airflow etc.

-Good communication skills with ability to collaborate with both technical and non technical people.-Ability to Think Big, take bets and innovate, Dive Deep, Bias for Action, Hire and Develop the Best, Learn and be Curious.
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R Harita