Increasing or decreasing array

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WAP to find the minimum number of steps required for increasing or decreasing array to reach either 0 or N. Given an integer N and 2 arrays increasing[] and decreasing[] each having elements from 1 to N. Once 0 or N is achieved, do not increament or decreament the numbers in array.

Example 1:


N=7 Increasing[]= {2,3} Decreasing[]={5,6}

Output: 6


  1. Increasing[]= {3,4} Decreasing[]={4,5}
  2. Increasing[]= {4,5} Decreasing[]={3,4}
  3. Increasing[]= {5,6} Decreasing[]={2,3}
  4. Increasing[]= {6,7} Decreasing[]={1,2}
  5. Increasing[]= {7,7} Decreasing[]={0,1}
  6. Increasing[]= {7,7} Decreasing[]={0,0}
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